Social Media Entails Relationship Rather Than Retail Marketing

Tonight, I was going through Facebook updates and posts, simply attempting to keep up with what a number of my friends and family from other states were doing; to arrive at a single genuine post, I needed to scroll through a number of ad posts.

The reason for this is because I utilize my Facebook for contacts, both official and personal; some great things are posted by a number of my official contacts, links to reports on news or business articles; or a link is posted by them to a blog article with they authored and this is wonderful.

But, what some people are doing is utilizing Facebook similar to a classified ad and a particular firm especially, posts a number of times each day marketing diverse items, attempting to generate traffic to their website, to produce sales. This is not Facebook’s intention; the intention of Social Media was not this.

The True Intention of Social Media

Social Media entails networking and forging new relationships; this is relationship marketing. It is not intended to be utilized as a medium for advertising or to form a push promotion. Individuals who do this really spoil the ambiance the other people like us are trying to form.

Social Media is about networking and creating new relationships, it is relationship marketing; it is not meant to be used as an advertising forum or to create a push campaign, and people that do this actually ruin the atmosphere the rest of us are attempting to create.

It is my guess that some individuals simply do not comprehend the term ‘Social.’ In my view, it simply degrades their item and firm. It is similar to attending a function for business networking; some individuals will move to and fro carrying books and business cards and distribute them to each person. They will also use up the whole time attempting to make sales with their items; I regard these kind of individuals as contemptible and after I shake their hands, I am thoroughly tempted to rush to the washroom to clean my hands.

The intelligent individuals at this function will move around, socialize, introduce themselves, create dialogue and simply attempt to create new friends and contacts; networking entails this. Do not misconstrue what I am saying; all of us engage in business to generate income; however, portraying yourself as a shady salesman whose sole objective is to clinch a deal is not an ideal method to do this.

Networking involves interacting with new individuals and forming new relationships that are long lasting. As the relationship progresses, in case you possess something required by the other person, you are the best person to provide it as already, you have a relationship with them.

This is what Social Media entails; it is an essential networking setting for meeting new individuals, to socialize with current friends, business partners, sellers, customers and partners. This is not a section to aggressively market your items and service to each person. By this time, owners of businesses and executives should comprehend what Social Media entails and the way it functions.


‘Purchase this today,’ or ‘Time is of the essence’ are fast turning into advertising techniques which are outdated; retail vending is being replaced with relationship marketing.

Social Media is permanent and if your business intends to last, then you require gaining awareness and comprehending the new marketing regulations or you are definitely going to turn into an obsolete business very fast!

Advertisers that detain customers for their selfish interest

Are you curious about the reason I’m so irritated by this act? It happens on your visit to a site when you get locked in on their configured site, and the back button just won’t get you out because they have disabled it on purpose just to keep you on their page. This marketing act is similar to what the line in the Eagles song “Hotel California” says. “You can check out any time you want, but you can never leave.” But what are they possibly thinking? Is this a sort of market strategy to get us to shop on their site? If it is, then it can’t work, we only get pissed off. The back button is like the door in a department store. You can’t lock the door after you get people to come in and refuse to let them go. How would you take that if you visited a store and you were locked in to continue shopping? Your response will definitely be a negative one. So, visiting a website is very similar, and locking visitors onto a website is not right. It’s not just a bad marketing approach, but also displays bad business etiquette and absolute disrespect.

I am into marketing, and one of the things I love to do is developing new and innovative approaches to product and services marketing. But there are boundaries that we should always consider and this a major example. Firstly, it is against individual principle to have people force anything down their throat. Any attempt to forcefully get someone to do something will result in an entirely negative effect; you will certainly get that from me.  To get responses from other people, I decided to carry out a survey by sending an email to 15 people, asking them if locking them onto a website would make them continue shopping. Expectedly, all the 15 gave NO as a response, so I proceeded to the next question “Would you ever return to that site?” and 86% (13) of them said Never!. So my advice for users of this unethical marketing method is: NEVER AGAIN. Consider the feelings of your visitors before choosing your marketing method so you don’t chase them when you mean to keep them. Consider all your website visitors as guests and treat them in a friendly manner – which does not include locking them up. So practice good marketing just like some of us do.

Outsourcing – Pros and Cons for Economy

A lot of opinions have been heard; some for, and some against outsourcing. A handful of persons believe that outsourcing – whatever sort – is not healthy for the economy of a country. I am personally opposed to that view. My question becomes; how does an Indian or other foreign organizations outsourcing programming, call centre and engineering increase unemployment or take away money from the United Sates?

Let’s examine

Toyota has 13 plants in the US and a number of indirect jobs and dealership employees. This makes Toyota an employer of 192,000 persons in the US and they patronize about 500 suppliers in the U.S, providing millions of dollars to these U.S companies as revenue. Honda’s operation in the U.S alone provides well over 367,000 jobs which amounts to $17 billion as wages and salaries annually. Mitsubishi is responsible for over 15,000 jobs in retailing, parts and services, with over 5000 authorized and independent dealers. Also Nisan has a working force of 180,000 workers, while Mazda is responsible for more than 60,000 jobs. A study done in 2008 revealed that foreign establishments have gone a long way to reawakening forgotten areas and have greatly boosted the employment ratio of the U.S and with a higher average wage than that of U.S companies. A recent research reveals that FDI in the U.S has witnessed a remarkable 82% increase from $179 billion to the present $325 billion. This increase gives room for 5.3 million jobs in the U.S.

We are no longer awaiting globalization; it’s here already. Though we may be tempted to think it is a bad thing, but in the real sense, it is not, as it exposes us to more opportunities mostly for small scale enterprises which forms about 80% of U.S companies, and this was not so in past times.  Although jobs are lost in a particular area, but somewhere else, jobs are created. History has witnessed this in different ways.  In the era of industrial revolution, humans were not happy that machines were gradually replacing humans, and of course this was true. But do we wish going back to when everything was done by hand? Globalization is similar, hence we have to get used to the current trend and have it in mind that we don’t live all alone on earth, and we ought to embrace global business and not reject it.

Now, should Americans ignore producing their own goods and services and remain reliant on other countries? Definitely not. In time past, products manufactured by us (in America) were being sold to Americans. But it’s all different today, as products made in America are not being restricted to Americans only, but these products are being sold to other countries and likewise, the products of those countries are also sold in America. The U.S government needs to address the lopsided trade-off with other countries, though in a general view, globalization is more of a blessing. This is what the future brings us, so in same manner in which we have previously adapted to other changes in our history, we out to adapt to globalization.

Traditional Marketing in the Present Day

The advancement in global technology has greatly influenced the manner our products and services are being marketed. Recent times have witnessed the abandon of a lot of traditional marketing and these methods will soon be forgotten. However, direct mail remains one of the top effective marketing methods, as messages sent by direct mails receives great responses, compared to other methods.  It is believed that the entire direct mail industry will witness remarkable business boost yearly between now and 2014. It is great to know that it should not always be making a decision between traditional and digital market, as these two can go hand-in-hand.  Direct mail when used with email marketing has been very effective. Most social media and a number of businesses use the effectiveness of direct mails campaigns to direct traffic to their websites.

Mlicki, a branding agency, was recently awarded by the US Postal Service with the Marketing Achievement in Innovation and Leadership Award (MAIL) in respect to their Blue Octo Campaign with a response rate of 10%. This involved the use of twitter and Facebook in conjunction with Direct mail.

Digital marketing can effectively function with traditional marketing. The call centers combines the use of social media and email in conjunction with campaigns; likewise, for a period now, Radios and TVs have gone digital. Despite the fact that we are not in the digital era, we ought not to completely relegate the traditional methods that have been helpful to and which we have so long relied upon. A lot of these traditional methods are still effectual when jointly used with digital marketing.